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Why You Should Integrate In-App Messaging Feature For Mobile Commerce

In-App Message
In-App Message

It is estimated that by 2017, mobile commerce would be worth $700 billion. Mobile Commerce is an industry where a regular feedback and customer engagement is a must to have factor. Mobile app development for mobile commerce needs to ensure that there are features integrated that accounts the customer retention. In-App messaging feature can be a peripheral solution to look on to.

Push notifications tend to give a 12% user engagement while an in-app messaging feature is accountable for 44%. It is a proven solution to be adopted while planning the app strategies. It is with accordance to not only customer engagement but also user experience that your app with enhance.

1. In-App Messaging Feature Helps In Customer Retention

A brand always needs its customers to be engaged with them. By push notifications, the company can get benefits of constantly notifying the users about their new products or offerings or can lead them to their mobile app. But with the in-app messaging feature, the brand can improvise the user engagement. This will help the company to build a customer base for further interaction.

App User Retention
App User Retention (Image Source: Localytics)

According to the Mobile Engagement Benchmark Survey by Urbanairship,

The in-app messaging typically receives 8x the direct response rates of push notifications.

By implementing the in-app messaging feature in app development, you are eliminating the typical notifications sent to the smartphone of the users. This feature in your mobile commerce app will improve the user engagement ratio adding a quality in your services.

2. Build Personalized & Native App Experience

The in-app messaging feature is non-sensitive to the native app platform. It does not compromise the native platform’s user experience. The UX remains constant on any given platform like iOS app, Android app or a website.

Instagram App New Design
Instagram App New Design

A personalized touch in your app will always leave your audience to gauge more from the app. Artificial Intelligence (AI) like chatbots are always a technology to render to the users for a real-time engagement to take place in your mobile commerce app. The messages can be in accordance to match the user?s past behavior and preferences accurately. This gives the users a tailored solution to their mobile shopping experience.

3. A Website Like Experience

A relevant message pops up while the user opens your app for the first time, doesn’t it happen while using a website?

An automated welcome message makes a customer feel welcomed. Moreover, a message to show them a new product or offer always makes the customer curious about knowing more. This gives the user an experience of shopping through a website.

Instagram App - First Time Opening
Instagram App – First Time Opening (Image Source: Tumblr)

Instagram, while launching a new feature, never forgets its user to notify about it. Once the user opened the app for the first time after updating there is always an in-app message to notify the user what?s new.

The retail clothing app Uniqlo has a share feature that pops up while the user is on their mobile app screen.

The app usage is becoming a routine in today’s world. Hence, it has become essential for the brands to adopt user-friendly features for their mobile apps. This definitely will help them to outperform in the competition.

4. UBER – The Best Example Of A Mobile App That Uses In-App Messaging Feature

Booking Uber Via Facebook Messenger
Booking Uber Via Facebook Messenger (Image Source: Breakaway)

Using the in-app messaging feature Uber has able to decrease the response times and customer satisfaction has gone up by over 10 percent. Uber not only uses an in-app messaging feature to alert the users about the higher rates but also to ensure that they deliver the best of the customer service.

Anshita Solanki
Anshita Solanki
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