E-Commerce6 Modern Ways To Turn Your Online Store Into A Global Brand

6 Modern Ways To Turn Your Online Store Into A Global Brand

E-Commerce Store - Steps
E-Commerce Store – Steps

If a good business plan is like gold dust, a brand name is like a gold mine. Brands sell more than little-known labels. For an online store, brand value is the biggest asset that can win customers and yield high ROI.

How to become a global brand when you have just started out selling online?

We put it in simple words.

6 Perfected Ways To Turn Your Online Store Into A Globally Renowned Brand:

1. Have A Brand Name That Strikes

Brand Names
Brand Names

From the above picture, what do we have common in all these brand names?

They are uncommon.

They are words which we do not use in our daily life. Yet, they have become part and parcel of our daily life. That is the power of a good brand name.

While picking a brand name for your store, pick a word that will resonate with your customers. Web gurus also recommend on keeping the brand name as your domain address for earning more traffic. A unique, quirky and easy to remember brand name itself will fetch your online store the much-needed attention, exclusivity and also organic traffic.

2. Design An Awesome Logo

Paul Rand - Quote (Design Is The Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand)
Paul Rand – Quote (Design Is The Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand)

Design Is The Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand

– Paul Rand

Paul Rand is a legendary American Art Director & Graphic Designer who created logos for global brands like IBM, Enron, Morningstar, UPS, etc. In his words, the logo is the first impression that a customer gets about a brand.

The logo should relate to your business, must be scalable, identifiable, memorable, distinctive and simple. A well-designed logo will also help your business stand out from competition.

Think Apple! Do you see any other electronic companies with a half eaten apple as a logo?

The bottom Line: Hire the best designers in town and create an awesome logo that will catapult your store to legendary status.

3. Keep Your Store Design Minimalist & Utilitarian

A clean online store design will turn your visitors into compulsive buyers. When you arrange products that are easy to add to cart, edit or compare with other products, you seek minimal efforts from customers to do what they are supposed to do – shopping.

Easier the shopping is, more their purchase will be. It does pay off to create a minimalist and utilitarian store design that is easy to navigate and browse through.

Consider these tips for creating a sales-boosting online store design:

  • Have a visual supply of products from multiple angles
  • Provide product compare facility
  • Highlight products with features in quick view when customers on mouse hover
  • Suggest related products for ‘complete the look’

Check out this simple, yet powerful t-shirt store website design:

Archiduchesse Online Web Store
Archiduchesse Online Web Store (Archiduchesse Website)

The t-shirts are arranged visually with corresponding buttons for sizes. Beautiful to see and easy to buy (which makes it utilitarian).

4. Make Customers Feel Safe In Your Store

One in every three US customers feels hesitant to shop online fearing credit card information theft.

~ Internet Retailer

You cannot ignore cyber security. Conversion rates, sale volumes and customer retention are directly proportional to the web security that an online store offers to its customers.

HTTPS encryption using SSL certificate is mandatory for PCI compliance. So make it a point to enable your online store with EV SSL Certificate for all-around web security.

Quick Stat: An SSL certificate and its trust badge in an online store can also increase search engine ranking by at least 3%.

5. Take The Social Media Route

Businesses that have adopted Social Media Marketing (SMM) have witnessed a manifold increase in their ROI. Social Media is no longer an option, but a must-have strategy. After Google, social media is the best place to find anything or anyone of your preferences.

How Social Media Can Influence Buying Decisions
How Social Media Can Influence Buying Decisions (Image Source: Pearl Academy)

For your online store, it is a global marketplace which can be easily penetrated with negligible cost. Giant social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. help shoot marketing campaigns to target customer groups with defined characteristics like age, location, gender, preferences, financial capacity, etc.

Quick Tip: Social Media can double up as a brand image improving tool as one that can boost conversion rates.

6. Be Lavish With Content Marketing

“Content is King” quoted Bill Gates in 1996. The truth is nothing different today, almost two decades later. The eCommerce industry is entirely pillared on the strength of genuine content.

To build a global brand out of your online store, there must be original content about products, their features and also attributes. Genuine user-generated content like reviews, ratings and feedback can trigger more organic traffic to the store.

Also, Google displays star ratings and user reviews as rich snippets of related product keyword searches as its top results.

E-Commerce - Rich Snippet/Search Snippet
E-Commerce – Rich Snippet/Search Snippet (Image Source: Hubspot)

Rich snippets can increase click through rates by directing high-quality leads to product landing pages. As as result, the conversion rates also spike up substantially.


In A Nutshell

Amazon did not become the world’s go-to online marketplace in a year. Alibaba did not become the synonym for online B2B marketplace in a short span of time. It takes time, perseverance and effort to build a brand out of an online store.

With the above-explained wisdom on brand building, you must be able to build a world known brand out of your online store. Start with a brand name and then design a logo around it. Add more muscle to it with a fetching online store design. Take the support of Social Media and Content Marketing. Most importantly, make sure your web security is rock-solid.

Curious about anything we spoke till now?

Feel free to ask us!

Kunjal Panchal
Kunjal Panchal
Kunjal Panchal is a Digital Strategist, having 5+ years of experience in the field of Internet Marketing. She is a Social Media Geek, a complete foodie and enjoys trying varied cuisines. A perfect day for her consists of reading her favorite author with a hot cuppa coffee.


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