Blogging5 Writing Habits You Should Develop For Better Website Content

5 Writing Habits You Should Develop For Better Website Content

Writing Habits
Writing Habits

Being a content writer, like any other job, requires smashing bad habits. Among them, there are definitely procrastination and perfectionism. A lot of research has been done on these topics. Here, we are going to focus on what you should do to make your content even better.

1. Think As A Potential Reader


This point concerns the fact that your content should be interesting to your target audience.

  • Consider Your Content From A Reader’s Point Of View

You don’t have the right to persuade people to follow your ideas. You also can’t demand them to continue reading. All you can do is to make the information you have to convey as engaging as possible.

  • Create Valuable Content

Don’t think that your work can be admired by everyone. This is a great mistake. Of course, it can’t! But when constantly trying to get rid of your perfectionism, you simply can stop progressing. Make it appealing at least to someone. These people are your readers, followers, potential clients, or buyers. After some time, their number will increase as your content quality and skill level will improve.

2. Abstract From Your Duties

Writing Notes
Writing Notes

Please, mind that this advice only concerns the process of writing. So, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your deadlines or leave your job halfway.

  • Avoid The ‘Must’ Attitude

The point is that you shouldn’t concentrate on the fact that you MUST do it. Students are often advised: Make your research paper like it’s your job. People who actually work in writing should develop another attitude. The reason for this lies in human psychology. It’s much easier to write an essay in college if you imagine yourself a real writer. And it’s much easier for a content writer to work as if it is a hobby.

  • Motivate Yourself

You have to convince yourself that you like what you are doing. Or at least that the result is very important for you. Somehow, money never serves as a good reason to work. Find inner motivation, which can be the following:

  • the new knowledge you can get working on this project
  • being independent
  • being successful

or something special you can spend your earnings on.

3. Develop Your Own Ideas

Think Outside Of The Box
Think Outside Of The Box

If you think you can find a really fresh idea for writing content, don’t fool yourself! The point of your work is not to invent a bicycle but to teach people how to use it in your own words.

  • Do The Research First

Yes, even if you are writing on the most general topic, you really should do a proper research. The main idea can be totally yours but it should be supported by facts. Absorb whatever has anything to do with your topic. These can be articles, books, videos, etc.

  • When You Need Information

Operate the facts and general knowledge. Then, find your own solutions to the problem. This is what new you can bring. Plagiarism is prohibited in content writing for a good reason. But basing your work on others research is not plagiarism. Learn the difference. And be super attentive to the quotations you use.

4. Master The Newest Techniques & Technologies

New Techniques & Technologies
New Techniques & Technologies

The most reliable online writers apply the whole range of techniques that can help in work. First, it concerns your ability to manage your time. There is plenty of self-help material on this issue. Besides, there’s a great number of applications that can help you to either concentrate on the project or plan your day.

  • Time Managing Applications

Some of these applications are smart timers that divide your working process into working periods and breaks to increase your productivity and decrease the time and effort required. Others are programs that block your access to the pages you don’t need in your work, such as social networks, for example. They are very useful, as content writing always involves using the Internet.

Sometimes, the temptation is stronger than you. And after a couple of harmless clicks, you find yourself commenting someone’s Instagram photos. The third type of apps is advanced planners that allow you not to overload your brain remembering everything you are to do.

  • Important Skills

There are skills for you to master that should certainly include speed typing. The reasons for this are quite obvious. The faster you type, the faster you will be done. Besides, slow typing is really demotivating.

There’s also speed reading. Possessing speed reading skills doesn’t only give you extra time while researching the information. It also helps you to remember the info faster and for a longer time. So, you won’t have to do double work when you need this information again.

  • Professional Applications

This group includes all the possible grammar and plagiarism checkers, apps that help you pick the right word, and so on. Find those that suit you best and make the most of them.

5. Read Anything


Everyone says that reading is important. But how many people truly spend every spare minute reading?

  • Why Bother?

Reading for the sake of reading is often underestimated by many of us today. If you are a content writer, you simply have no right to neglect reading. Your whole career depends on your way of conveying the information. Just imagine how many things are influenced by reading:

  • your style,
  • your outlook,
  • the variety of ideas that you have and can develop,
  • your vocabulary and your choice of words.

You can’t learn it all from anything else.

  • What To Read?

As it has been said above, anything. Even the lousiest book can teach you what not to do. As for classics and contemporary masterpieces, reading them is more that self-development. This is a real satisfaction. Articles and blogs give you the right ideas about style and structure. Besides, there is a lot of special literature both on writing and on any topic you choose.


No matter what website content you are to write, the habits we’ve discussed here will be very useful for your performance. Some of them can be applied in other spheres of life and make you more productive. Remember that any habit takes the time to get used to. Don’t rush and be consistent. We welcome you to use the feedback service here that allows you to share your progress and motivate the others. You can also become a part of the team by giving advice on the techniques you use either to manage your time or to make your writing better. A lot of entry-level content writers here will be very grateful to you!

Lori Wade
Lori Wade
Lori Wade is a Freelance Content Writer For ThrivingWriter who is interested in a wide range of spheres from Education to Online Marketing to Entrepreneurship. She is also an Aspiring Tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. She is used to handle many writing orders at the same time and she likes sharing her ideas and experiences.


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