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10 Tips For Making Your Writing More Interesting


Today, simply starting a blog is an easy thing. There are so many free platforms, design templates, tips, etc. However, after you start a blog, you have to fill it with interesting content? and that’s when the real challenge starts. Any blog exists because of content: it is the main tool for building a loyal audience, for keeping the existing readers and attracting new ones. That’s why the content has to be very interesting and attention-grabbing.

Creating such content is much harder than creating a blog itself, especially if you are a beginner blogger. Blog posts differ from news and essays, and their style differs too, depending on the niche. So, no wonder that many people struggle with post writing.
But even if you, or your audience, consider your posts boring, you shouldn’t become upset. Instead, you should do your best to fix it ? besides, we are here to help you, offering 10 tips that can help you make your posts more interesting.

1. Be Sure That It’s Something People Want To Read About

No matter what niche you’ll choose, there’s always a chance that you’ll stumble upon boring topics. Good news: you probably find them boring too, just like your audience.
There’s no reason to force yourself to write about something that even you don’t find interesting. Yes, maybe this topic isn’t explored in your niche much or you find it useful though boring, but unless you aren’t able to describe it in an interesting way, you should avoid such topics.

If for some reason, such topic can’t be avoided, work hard to make it more interesting. Try to do thorough research: maybe you’ll be able to find something that you do find interesting and focus on that.

2. Write About The Things You Are Passionate About

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make while choosing a niche is choosing the one that seems profitable but actually, has nothing to do with their true interests and passions. Even if you are experienced in such a niche, that’s a bad thing to do. People might not know that you aren’t passionate about the subject, but they will feel it when reading your posts.

Write about things that really interest you, about things that you want to share with the world. Such posts will look much more interesting.

3. Be Personal

When you start a blog, you probably imagine what your target audience might look like. These are the people who you’ll be writing for and who probably share your passions and interests.

Think about this audience while choosing your writing style and address them in your posts. If your audience is young people, be informal. If your audience is business people, be more formal but still not boring. Add some appropriate jokes and let yourself be seen in your posts.

4. Remember About The Size Of The Posts

A size actually does matter a lot; moreover, it should differ from post to post. In general, people prefer short articles to long ones: they are easier and quicker to read, and that?s important for modern people. If you can, make your articles short: discard all the unnecessary sentences and focus on the most important points.

However, some posts simply cannot be shortened: for example, tutorials or long informative posts. Some bloggers divide such posts into few shorter ones, but we don’t recommend doing so make it one post. Though it might not give you as much traffic as the shorter ones, it will be convenient for your audience to read.

5. Raise The Most Important Questions In Your Niche

When you are writing in a certain niche long enough, you begin noticing that some topics bother people more than the other ones. If such topics aren’t explored much, then congratulations: you’ve just found something amazing to write about.

Even if you don’t have such topics in mind, that?s okay: if you monitor your niche regularly and thoroughly, you will most likely find things that deserve to be explored further and written about.

6. Tell Stories


Some bloggers are popular not because they give their audience useful tips, but simply because they write about their lives and do it in a very interesting way. While we don’t encourage you to abandon your niche and switch to lifestyle blogging, we think that telling some personal stories from time to time is definitely a good thing to do.

Moreover, this doesn’t mean you have to come up with some interesting stories from your life, sometimes, even some personal examples are enough. They allow people to understand that you are really experienced in things you’re writing about and also add a nice personal touch (especially if you write them well and don’t forget about humor).

7. Don’t Forget About The Structure

If your writing is good but you have no structure, the result probably will be sad. Good post consists of an introduction (this part has to be as catchy as possible to encourage people to continue reading), the main part (it has to be specific but interesting), and a conclusion (a brief summary of the text). If you skip an introduction and head straight to the main part, some people might find it boring. If you skip a conclusion, the readers might think that your posts end too abruptly.

Moreover, lack of a structure sometimes can confuse people. That’s why structuring your posts is a must.

8. Make The Post Easy To Read

It might seem that formatting has nothing to do with the content of your posts, but actually, it has. Even if the posts are interesting, people won’t finish them if they are hard to read.
You can write big posts but don’t turn them into a wall of text. Use headlines, paragraphs, line spacing, everything that can ease the reading process. Be sure that the paragraphs are short and the headlines are big enough for readers to notice.

9. Use Images

Images help build more traffic and increase sells. Moreover, they are able to brighten any post, make it more interesting, and easy to understand. People like images and sometimes even remember information better if it is illustrated with images. They also find it easier to read long posts if chunks of text are separated with the help of images.

10. Polish All The Details

Imagine you’ve finished your post and it does seem interesting to you. That’s great, but you still have to be sure that you did your best to make it stunning. Check it out for mistakes and typos or find the proofreading service that could do that for you. Then try to come up with a headline that is catchy and informative at the same time (and be sure that it does relate to your post, not simply grabs attention).

And, as a final touch, work on the post’s ending: it has to encourage people to comment or discuss things you wrote about. While it seems that these things are less important for blogging, they are actually able to boost readers? interest in your posts and make the whole reading process much easier and more pleasant.

As you see, to write interesting posts, you have to not only polish your writing skills but also to pay attention to various details such as structure, formatting, size, images, etc. It might seem too complex but actually, it is an easy thing to do once you get used to it.

We hope that these tips will help you make your posts more interesting.

Maybe you know some useful tips too? Then feel free to share them with us in a comment section below!

Lori Wade
Lori Wade
Lori Wade is a Freelance Content Writer For ThrivingWriter who is interested in a wide range of spheres from Education to Online Marketing to Entrepreneurship. She is also an Aspiring Tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. She is used to handle many writing orders at the same time and she likes sharing her ideas and experiences.


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