BloggingWhy 99% Bloggers Fail To Generate Revenue?

Why 99% Bloggers Fail To Generate Revenue?

Bloggers Revenue
Bloggers Revenue

Since people are starting to create their personal journal called blogs, the blogging industry has seen the boost in the number blogs which gets live. Nowadays, everyone thinks to have their own blog to share their thoughts and experiences. People love to share their personal experience with others. Blogging has transformed this human habit into digital space.

The only problem with the blogging is the low-quality blogs are getting into the market.

The blogging industry is experiencing a drop in terms of a successful blogger. The reason for that is they are not able to generate sufficient amount of revenue from blogging.?The media industry and companies are not willing to pay the bloggers to place their ads. Similarly, the Google organic search is also not helping bloggers to rank high. In the end, the bloggers are not left with much choice than closing it after years of hard work. They drastically fail to drive visitors to their blog.

This is the case with all the bloggers who jump into the blogging industry.

Let’s understand why bloggers are not getting what they deserve.

Why Do You Start Blogging?


As a blogger, you first need to understand why you want to start blogging.

There are many bloggers who get inspired by the online case studies shared by famous bloggers who are earning good money from blogging. It motivates them to take action to start their own blogs. This happens to everyone who first starts researching about blogging. This is a completely wrong way to approach blogging. Attraction to money or thought to becoming famous through blogging is not the right approach, to begin with.

The purpose of blogging is not earning money or becoming famous online. If this urges you to have your own blog then drop the idea immediately.

The blogging industry is for the people who have some expertise in their field. Famous bloggers love to share their expertise with others so that others get the benefit of it.

Blogging is all about educating people about something or sharing information about something that you have experienced personally.

Your blog post should educate the people about the things you do. If the blog is not created for educating people, then your blogging efforts will not generate any return. People will never get engage on your blog because you don’t have any value proposition in your content.

If someone is reading your blog post and at the end not getting any take away from it, then that person might not visit your blog again. That person should have a strong reason to visit your blog again in the future.

You should always work on the things which you think you understand better and love to share your experience with people. Blogging is all about sharing experiences and solving the problem.

You might have seen the travel bloggers. They roam around at beautiful places and share their experiences with us. Such kind of blogs are made for sharing experiences. If you share the mesmerizing experience with the beautiful words, then people will surely enjoy reading it.

But, before you get into the travel blogging, you should do some maths on the paper. Travel blogging is an expensive affair. If you are not the person with the golden or silver spoon, then you will fail drastically. Don’t expect that your first post on travel experience will start getting advertisement request. It’s a blue moon situation, so don’t expect any immediate revenue source to fund your next travel plan.

The simple way to calculate the blogging success is writing down the previous one year of activity. See what you have done repeatedly in last one year. Blogging requires original content. So, if you are not producing enough content naturally, then you will not able to manage your blog.?If your one year record shows that you traveled a lot, then you might have a good experience which you can share with your users.

The tech people will track how many gadgets they have purchased in one year. If the number is good, then you can enter into tech blogging. Others who don’t have concrete content data can start blogging around their core skill.

Remember, unique content runs the blog. Your written content should be fresh and it should be connected to the real experience.

Once you decide whether blogging is for you, the next step is critical for blogging success.

After launching a blog, the next step is producing enough content to engage people.

Blogging is not the part-time job. It’s a full-time work. Many bloggers think that by just posting random content, they will become rich. If you think so, then you are day-dreaming. You need to have a steady plan to post regular content. Users spend more time on the blog where the content is updated regularly. They love to skim the new content. To keep them on track, your blog requires fresh content.

Let us assume you are ready to deal with all the above situation.

Now the most important part of blogging is the marketing. This is the part where many bloggers lack the expertise. The marketing of blog is essential for getting traction. Your content will stay as it is if no one is reading it. You should make a marketing plan to promote your blog online.

The Facebook wall sharing will give you an initial boost. Sharing your blog post on the Facebook wall will let your friends know that you have something to share. Your friends are the right critics for your blogging efforts. If you manage to get their attention, then they will share your content with their friends who have similar interest. It will create a chain reaction in your friend’s community and your blog will reach the thousands of interested people. If your content has humor in it, then you can use WhatsApp promotion to reach your audience. WhatsApp sharing works best for the funny content.

In addition, you can reach other bloggers who write on the similar topic. Write good content on their blog and ask them to link your blog to the content. This way you will get referral traffic from the other blogs. Also, the link back from their blog will help you to boost your organic Google ranking as well.

Blogging is a combination of:

Thoughts + Efforts + Marketing + Patience = Money / Branding

Why Do 99% Bloggers Fail?

Blogging Fail & Success
Blogging Fail & Success

Because people enter into blogging industry without proper planning. Making your blog live is easy but running it successfully is equivalent to taking care of a child.

Many bloggers give up after one year of launching their blog. Their motivation fades away. The blogging expense becomes a problem for them.


The blogging is a great way to connect with the world. You get the freedom to express your thoughts with others. The motive of blogging should be taking care of community who has the similar interest. Help others to solve the problem, give them the good experience and deliver value to them.

Successful bloggers are the ones who think about others before their own benefits.

Prashant Gorule
Prashant Gorule
Prashant Gorule is a Professional Content Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist. He loves to write content about his real experience to educate people. You can also follow his Blog to find more information about him.


  1. Thanks Prashant for sharing this detailed article i like this line “Blogging is all about sharing experiences and solving the problem” this is explained everything about blogging.

  2. Hi Prashant,
    Great piece of content.
    Yes, you are right. Most of the people start the blog because someone else is earning money from the blog. They want to do the same but not willing to make efforts like him.
    Peoples have to admit that blogging takes efforts and require patience. If you can devote time and ready to learn you will definitely get success.

  3. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.


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