How To'sHow To Track Mobile & Wi-Fi Hotspot Data Usage On Your Mobile

How To Track Mobile & Wi-Fi Hotspot Data Usage On Your Mobile

Track Mobile & Wi-Fi Data Usage
Track Mobile & Wi-Fi Data Usage

Gaining access to the Internet has become easier with time. Now, you no longer need to opt for expensive and inconvenient Ethernet connections. The Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi hotspot devices, and mobile internet offer you easy access to the Internet. Besides being wireless, these are also easy-to-use and require minimal maintenance.

Wi-Fi hotspot devices, in particular, offer optimal convenience. They are designed to offer the Internet connectivity to around 10 devices. Additionally, you can use them to transfer files through their USB port. Many advanced models also come with a MicroSD card slot.

To use such a device, follow these steps:

  1. Insert an Activated SIM card
  2. Then, check the SSID and Password, which will be printed near the SIM Card Tray
  3. After this, on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, click on the ‘Wireless Networks‘ section and switch on your Wi-Fi
  4. Click on the option that lets you add a New Wi-Fi Network and enter the SSID and Password you had noted earlier
  5. After this process, your device will get connected to the portable Wi-Fi hotspot device.

The hotspot device functions by tapping into a 3G or 4G cellular network and connecting to the Internet. The hotspot device then becomes capable of sharing this connection with the devices that are linked to them.

1. Tracking Mobile Data Usage

It is important to track your data usage habits on your smartphone. This is mainly because mobile phone prices and data plan costs tend to burn a hole in your pocket. To prevent unnecessary expenses, you can resort to tracking your data consumption. Sometimes certain applications consume a large amount of data, which you may be unaware of. Tracking helps you monitor the same and maintain the right balance.

Mobile Data Limit
Mobile Data Limit

To track Cellular or Mobile Data Usage, go to the ‘Settings‘option on your phone. Then, tap on the ‘Data Usage‘ option and put it on so that your phone starts to monitor the data consumption.

Limit Data Usage
Limit Data Usage

After this, either set your mobile data limit or set your device?s data cycle reset date. Additionally, study the graph to get an idea of your data consumption of an entire day.

2. Tracking Wi-Fi Hotspot Data Usage

Wi-Fi Data Usage
Wi-Fi Data Usage

To track your Wi-Fi Hotspot Usage, go to the ‘Menu‘ button on your smartphone. Then click on the option that says ‘Show Wi-Fi Usage’. On tapping this option, you will be able to see another tab that lets you choose between ‘Wi-Fi and Mobile Monitoring’. Although you can set the limit for mobile data usage, you cannot do the same for Wi-Fi usage. Also, you will not be able to change the beginning of the data usage cycle manually. However, you can easily view the graph, which is similar to the one in the mobile data usage section. The apps on your smartphone can also be viewed with their data consumption listed alongside.

Restrict Background Data
Restrict Background Data

If you discover that a certain application is consuming excessive data, you can find out whether the specific app is using data in the foreground or background. Here, foreground means that the app is open and background means the app is functioning only in the background. If you discover that the app is using data when operating in the background, you can limit its background access.

With these tips, you can easily track your data usage habits and enjoy the benefits seamlessly.

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