Social MediaHow Has Social Media Shaped Our Lives

How Has Social Media Shaped Our Lives

Social Media
Social Media

Social Media is a term that we toss around a lot these days, right from putting statuses of our daily activities to posting pictures and videos on media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+,?Instagram, Snapchat, ?and many others.

So, What is Social Media?

Rather than narrating with a clump of boring slangs and complicate things even further, let?s just describe each component of it and start taking it individually.

  • Social: This term refers to the people interacting with other people on social media and depicting their daily hustle and bustle through texts, pictures or videos.
  • Media: This term largely targets the various platforms or you can say it?s an appliance of communication i.e., Internet, Radio, Television etc.

So basically, ‘Social Media’ is a web-based communication tool where people use it to interact with others by sharing and receiving information, all on the same page.

What Do We Use Social Media For?

There are many attributes which are well known social media. Communication is one of the tools that is among the most widely known social media tools. That includes blogs such as WordPress, BlogSpot and many more, websites where you can generate articles where visitors can review and comment on. Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also proves to be a relevant platform where people can share their reviews/comments, media such as photos and video, or generate relationships with other people.

It has become increasingly difficult to find an individual who is not aware of Social Media or how it works. Same thing applies to the businesses as well.

It gives an important push to all the businesses operating online.

  • It offers an online medium to let the users get in touch with your company.
  • It also helps in contributing towards the generation of more revenue by getting more traffic to your website.
  • It gives the buyer necessary insights about the brand/company and its products/services.
  • It helps your brand in strengthening relationships with customers.

Apart from sharing content and streaming of videos, playing games has become one of the most prevailing activities on social media. It has progressively become a multimedia based entertainment platform with more app support, which also seems to be the goal of every social media site. Moreover, you can also find jobs in social media for all the domains among groups present. There are many companies who are looking to hire candidates for social media marketing jobs as well. Social Media has become the medium of promotion and marketing for many company and brand names. In today?s world, communication and entertainment are the two things which run conjointly. One can communicate while one enjoys playing games on his favorite apps. And there is a gamut of choices for these apps and games which seems just limitless.

If we dig into this more, we can find that Social Media has the potential for much broader use.

  • Communication

Social Media Communication
Social Media Communication

Social Media has a huge impact on Communication. Today, if you can?t see or meet someone you want to, you drop a voicemail, text or even better drop a message on Facebook or Twitter. We can get access to each and every activity of our closed ones even when they are not at the same place. The search functionality of Social Media also makes it tremendously easier to track someone down who we are looking for or someone with whom we lost our touch since a long time.

  • Sharing Views & Opinions

Social Media Sharing Views & Opinions
Social Media Sharing Views & Opinions

Social Media has given a chance to the people to make their voices or opinions reach a million other people across the world. Much earlier, when social media was not in the picture, thoughts or views were shared within a group of friends or family but after social media rose to prominence, it is so exciting to watch people these days can vent out their thoughts, opinions or views about anything, reach a large number of the population. Nowadays, many NGOs have been using this leverage to create awareness among the people which is to great effect.

  • Helping In Businesses

Social Media Business
Social Media Business

Social Media has given an opportunity to many companies to get their desired brand exposure and have come across a different way, but yet rather an effective way to communicate with the employers, clients and other stakeholders. Social Media has proved to be an invaluable tool for the organizations who have developed a practice of interacting with their audience.

  • Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment
Social Media Recruitment (Image Source/Credit: Haley Marketing)

Social Media has also changed the way recruitment industry was working before it?s evolution. Nowadays, recruiters can post their job openings on social media and with its power to reach millions at the same time, it stamps an impression among the audience thereby pacing the recruiting process. Most of the companies today have developed a behavior of such practice which gives them good and efficient results.

Final Words

These social media sites, being an app platform have managed to increase the involvement of the people on their products. For example, Google+ has added games soon after it burst out on the scene of social networking. Google+ and Facebook, in this instance, run concurrently and are among those who try to be omnipresent as much as possible to achieve the desired goal and to be the social giant of the web as a whole.

Social Media websites, indeed are competing with each other to provide the most user-engaging platforms for entertainment and communication. Unquestionably, Social Media will continue to evolve its every attribute and the technology will keep on getting more and more advanced as time passes by. It will continue to affect and alter people?s vision towards communication and entertainment.

Vikrant Rai
Vikrant Rai
Vikrant Rai is a Digital Marketer who currently works with Aasaanjobs, an India-Based Job Portal. A Writer by day and a Reader at night, and will be quite fascinated with a good fiction book. He's also a Freelance Blogger.



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