Introducing The New Google+
Introducing The New Google+ (Image Source : Official Google Blog)

Google announced that it will get rid of the classic UI for its Google+ Network.

Google designed the service again in 2015 with the arrival of communities and collections. Since then, there is always been a way back to the classic mode i.e the bottom link in the left corner says “back to classic Google+”. But 24th January onwards, people won’t be able to go back anymore.

Currently, when you click the link to go back, Google opens with the pop-up that notifies “Heads up! Classic” and when you log on to the old Google+, a pop-up notifies,”The version you’re using will be replaced soon. Click here to switch to the new Google+.” Once you reply OK to that, you will notice similar message in a banner at the top of the feed.

This week, the search giant is about to announce some handful changes for the Google+ Service, that even includes Hiding of Low Quality of Comments by default, addition of the Zoom Functionality for the photos on the web and Bringing Back The Events feature that lets user to create events and also invite others.

Hiding of Low Quality of Comments
Hiding of Low Quality of Comments (Image Source : Official Google Blog)
Zoom Functionality
Zoom Functionality (Image Source : Official Google Blog)

P.S. : It is not mentioned in the current update: the adding of machine learning to reduce image size for users was announced last week.

In the context of “out with the old and in with the new”, the company also announced that it would be getting rid of classic Google+ layout. Previously, the users were able to toggle between the two looks on the web with the link containing in the bottom left of the screen. Currently, the link is clicked by the users to look the older version and they’re told that they are going to replace soon.

“It’s time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we’ll be turning down on January 24”, writes Product Manager Danielle Buckley in a Blog Post, adding: “Just because we’re bidding adieu to classic Google+ doesn’t mean we’re done working on the new one.”

Bringing The New Google+ To More People
Bringing The New Google+ To More People (Image Source : Official Google Blog)

Here’s A Complete List of New Google+ Updates :

  • Profiles

    – Easier access to profile information
    – Full “About” information on profiles
    – Edit your introduction in About Me
    – See large profile images in a gallery view
    – New Following screen design
    – View ‘Posts from Circle’ from the Following screen

  • Collections

    – Easily move any of your posts into a Collection
    – Improved Collection sharing
    – Ability to create a Collection when making a post
    – When following a Collection, see related Collections
    – Related Collections on post pages
    – Follower counts visible on your Collections

  • Posts

    – Drag & drop images to make new posts & comments
    – Ability to create polls
    – Ability to crop photos in polls
    – Upload multiple images at once to a post
    – Ability to re-order multiple images using drag & drop
    – Warning to ensure you don’t lose new posts
    – View map for images with location
    – Multiple improvements to +mentions

  • Home Stream

    -Ability to reply to comments in the stream
    – +1 comments with one click
    – Turn animated comments (as seen on all streams) on/off
    – Extra fast Web page loading with AMP
    – New presentation for original comments on re-shared posts
    – Real-time indicator of when there’s new posts
    – Auto-play of animated GIFs (with setting to turn on/off)
    – 3 column stream view for very wide screens
    – Quick action to view full post pages
    – Hover over user images for more info about people
    – “What You Missed” posts in your Home stream
    – Full timestamp on post pages
    – View poll results from the post menu
    – No limits on circle streams in menu
    – Volume control for Recommended & Trending posts
    – Recommended & Trending ranking improvements
    – Recommended Community & Collections improvements
    – Ability to scroll Community & Collections recommendations

  • Communities

    – New “Hold Posts for Review” setting
    – Search for members in a Community
    – Search for posts within a Community
    – New simpler invite to Community feature
    – Visible about information for Communities
    – Links to categories on Community pages
    – New Community content controls
    – Community owner & moderator badges on comments
    – Possible for owners to delete communities
    – Possible for owners & moderators to leave communities
    – View most recently visited Communities
    – Create new posts inside Communities

  • Notifications

    – Ability to get Google+ notifications in Chrome browser
    – Mark all notifications as read
    – Mark individual notifications as read
    – Updated notifications in the header
    – New full-screen notifications page
    – Filter notifications by All, Unread, & Other Updates
    – Thumbnails & icons to help scan notifications
    – The new Google+ Activity Log
    – Pinned posts on Collections, Communities, and Profiles

  • Search

    – Personalized search autocomplete suggestions
    – Improved people search results
    – Improved Community search results
    – More topical results for Collections & Communities
    – Search history

  • Spam & Abuse

    – Additional details when reporting abuse on posts
    – Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam
    – Remove suspended users from Community member lists
    – Community “Strict” content control setting
    – Community “Hold Posts for Review” setting
    – Review & reinstate comments we flag as spam

(List Source : Luke Wroblewski, who is currently Product Director at Google, shared this on a Page – Google+ Updates)

So, yes, expect yet more adjustments in the future.


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