EntrepreneurshipBelieve Your Ideas Are Worth It & Be Successful

Believe Your Ideas Are Worth It & Be Successful

Ideas are something that keep popping our restless minds. Our mind is flooded with countless thoughts every day. And deep down many of us have this desire to start a business, a wish to own a startup.

When you slog and hustle hard for someone else, this self-awakening thought always comes up – “If I put in the same amount of hard work in my own thing, in my own business? Damn, I would be rich. Why should I work as a slave for someone else?”

But then inspiration is perishable and as those thoughts that motivated you fly away in thin year, so does your will to make things happen.

What stops you from starting something?
The money involved, the resources needed or the limited skill set you have?

What is it that stops you?

What stops you from believing your worth?
Fear of failing, fear of losing?
Fear of how many people you should hire?

How much time would it take to become a profitable venture?

The office needed and the responsibilities that come up with a new business?

Are you worried about it?

Every answer to the above questions lies in self-analysis.

  • Do you really need ten people or are two or three enough to do the job for you?
  • Do you really need a million dollars or a few thousand dollars are enough to start for now?
  • Do you really need six months to make a product and bring it to the mainstream market or in two months you can execute the whole process?
  • Do you really need a huge warehouse or can you rent a storage space or use your garage or basement or outsource this whole storage thing?
  • Do you really need a big office or only a small rental space is needed or can you share office space for a while?
  • Do you really need publicity and advertising and want a PR firm to handle the affairs or there are other ways for you like digital marketing, social media and content marketing to get noticed?
  • Do you really need to build a factory or can you hire someone else to manufacture your products?
  • Do you really need an accountant or can you manage your finances on your own?
  • Do you really need a full-time support person or can you handle inquiries on your own?
  • Is opening a retail store really needed or can you sell your products online?

So once you go through all this concerns, self-analyze and ponder over it, you will realize starting something is not that hard. You need to have the passion and the willpower to start something.

Think Outside Of The Box
Think Outside Of The Box

Eventually, as your idea grows bigger and forms in size and number, you will need to go the bigger and expensive route. But when you start something, the resources needed are less and affordable.

There is nothing wrong with being economic and spending as per the size of your pocket. Launching your first product or service is what matters. Doesn’t matter if you don’t owe an office and are sharing space with different companies. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have budget for publicity and advertisements, in this digital era sharing reviews online and word of mouth works big time. Being a company founder you can always handle the initial rush, the initial enquiries and all the initial hurdles.

Great companies start from garages, yours can too.

You doubt it, ask Google!

Issac Thomas
Issac Thomashttp://www.issacwrites.com/
Issac Thomas is a Self proclaimed Motivator & Relationship Expert. He's Blogging since his college days. He's also working as a Content Writer past two years. He has a passion for Writing since very long time & he's using it to promote brands.


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