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6 Factors That Will Dominate SEO In 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we march ahead into the New Year 2017 with hopes and dreams of making all our endeavors a big success, marketing our projects, businesses become crucial. As the trend of online lifestyle continues to thrive, the E-Commerce business is on the priority list for all business for profit or for non-profit organizations. It becomes extremely important to dominate the online world to beat the competition and attract customers towards your offerings.

Google, the search engine giant has kept everyone from marketers, entrepreneurs, to technology experts on their toes guessing about the probable changes in the search trends and search algorithms that it might bring about to offer high-quality search results for the visitors. Google has always modified its search algorithms from Hummingbird to the latest RankBrain to provide most relevant organic search results.

We may not be able to predict the exact changes that Google might bring about in search algorithms, but going by the trends of the past few years, we can definitely estimate the factors that affect and dominate the SEO strategies of business and marketers in the New Year.

Here Are Six Of The Most Important Factors That Will Dominate The SEO Strategies The Year 2017:

1. Voice Search:

Voice Search
Voice Search (Image Source : Behance)

Google says, the Voice Search accuracy has been increasing and is about to reach almost 100% accuracy this year. Voice Search enables Conversational Search, Semantic Search, which in all probabilities may dominate keyword based search, or conversations style keywords will dominate SEO. Marketers will now have to optimize more for user intent and not for keywords.

2. Mobile Searches:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The year 2017 will continue to see a huge increase in Mobile Searches. Almost all search engines including Yahoo and Bing have experienced a considerable shift in the usage of mobile devices and hence Google started favoring mobile friendly sites. Marketers should push for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), as people do not want to wait for long wait times for pages to load.

3. Visual Content:

Visual Content
Visual Content (Image Source : Dribbble)

Another important factor that is more likely to dominate SEO in 2017 is the form of content. The long form content, which has been the SEO favorite content so far, may take a beating at the hands of content based on Visual or Video Content. It is an established fact that video content attracts users and enhances user experience. Readers prefer to watch a video that is well presented with a mix of humor, creative and has tons of useful information, rather than reading a long form content. Videos, Animated Clips, GIFs may be the best form of content to offer to your visitors to make your site and content search engine friendly.

4. Social Content:

Social Content
Social Content

As discussed earlier, Voice Search becomes popular as it encourages or gives way to conversations. Social Media and conversations on social media platforms is the best way to engage your visitors. You can make use of the available social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more additionally, you can also create forums and encourage active participation of users, visitors. Social content or content on such social media platforms will help rank your site better for search queries. Marketers should focus on creating more engaging and active social media content so they attract crawlers.

5. Machine Learning:

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Search engines, especially Google are coming up with Robotic Intelligence, to help users find any information on the World Wide Web (WWW). With the help of this new technology, search engines will guess the word your users are looking for and if considers your site a relevant one; they will direct traffic to your site, even if your site does not contain the exact matching word.

6. Security:

HTTPs (Image Source : Skillcrush)

Security has always been a concern among users, and they prefer to visit only secure websites. Google has identified this trend and therefore gives priority for websites with high security domains which have HTTPs in their url.

Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah is the Founder & CEO of TechRevolve. A Tech Enthusiast, Blogger & Entrepreneur. Over the past 9 years in his journey, he have worked with various Startup's, Companies & Organizations helping them grow their businesses.


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