Blogging11 Reasons Bloggers Should Write The Schedule Plan For Posts

11 Reasons Bloggers Should Write The Schedule Plan For Posts

Blogging - Schedule Plan
Blogging – Schedule Plan

How often do you update your blog?

Do you do it only when inspiration strikes or do you have a schedule and stick to it?

While there are definitely no right and wrong options, we do recommend creating your own posting schedule and following it even as an experiment. For some of us, this might seem an unnecessary thing to do, especially if you view blogging as a creative hobby. However, this could benefit your blog as well as your life in so many ways.

Here Are 11 Amazing Reasons To Create A Schedule For Your Blog:

1. You Will Be Able To Do Better Research

If you write blog posts only when inspiration strikes, you might find yourself limited by the amount of time you are able to spend on writing (for example, you start writing in the evening and have to finish the post in a few hours so you can get enough sleep). In this case, you might not have much time for a proper research. However, when you schedule a certain article to be posted in a few weeks, you are able to do more thorough research during that time.

2. You Will Be Able To Write Bigger Posts

When we write posts at once, they rarely turn out to be as good as they would be if we would spend more time on writing. A schedule allows you to put away the first draft of a post for a while, then return to it and add more details and ideas you forgot to mention. Moreover, this way your posts can become bigger, as you will have more time to write them.

3. You Will Feel More Comfortable With Your Writing

Writing posts and posting them right after doesn’t give you much time to analyze and improve your writing. However, when you aren’t in a hurry, you can allow yourself to take your time, choose words that seem more appropriate, notice typos and mistakes, and experiment with your writing style.

4. You Will Produce More Valuable Content

When you are able to spend more time on research, writing, and editing, your posts inevitably become better. This way you are able to make them more informative, more polished, and more smoothly written and that’s the thing your audience will definitely appreciate.

5. You Will Be Able To Schedule Them At The Right Time

Many of us know exactly how much the day and the time of posting matters. You are able to increase your audience greatly simply by updating your blog at the right time. Still, when you don’t have a clear schedule, it could be easy to forget about that time, therefore failing to provide a nice post. A schedule ensures that your posts will be ready by the time you need them.

6. You Will Be Able To Travel Or Take A Few Days Off

For example, you know that your posts have to go live two times a week. Knowing that allows you to write as many posts as you need beforehand just in case. This way, if you feel like you need a few days off or if you want to take a bigger vacation and go abroad, you can simply schedule them to go live at the desired time and be sure that your rest won’t affect your blog in any way.

7. You Will Be Able To Set Your Priorities Better

No matter how good at planning you are, there’s always a possibility of unexpected things and tasks appearing. If you have a schedule, you are able to set your priorities much better than without one. For example, if you know that your next blog post has to go live only in a few days, it will be easier for you to focus on a more urgent task right now without feeling guilty about it.

8. You Will Feel Less Stressed

As we’ve already mentioned above, a schedule allows you to write posts in advance or to write them as long as you want to. Without a doubt, this will help you feel less stressed about your blogging, which is definitely a good thing.

9. You Will Look More Committed

Sure, interesting content does attract an audience; however, consistency makes this audience stay. It doesn’t matter how often you would like to update your blog every day or two times a week or once in a month. What’s more important is sticking to that schedule once you’ve decided on it. When your readers know that you do keep your promises and stick to a schedule, they see you as a committed blogger, which is very good for your reputation.

10. You Will Be Able To Optimize Your Content

Let’s assume you have a schedule and a content plan as well. This way you are able to see how your blog will look like for the next two weeks or for the next month and make changes when necessary. For example, if you plan to write two posts about SEO, you could schedule them at the beginning and at the end of the month, so your readers won’t get bored with similar topics. This is very convenient.

11. You Will Become More Successful

Most of the successful people stick to planning. It allows them to manage their time effectively, but what’s even more important is that it allows them to see where their business is heading. If you take your blogging work seriously and want your blog to develop, you shouldn’t stick to last moment decisions. Try learning to think and plan ahead instead and see what happens.

Of course, even if you come up with a schedule, it won’t be easy at first. You might need some time to adjust to a new routine, to learn how to optimize the content plan better, and so on. However, this will be definitely worth it.

And Don’t Forget….

Even a schedule won’t be very effective if you tend to write your blog posts at the last moment.

Richard Nolan
Richard Nolan
Richard Nolan is a Writer and a Private Tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of Writing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Psychology. He writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for Bloggers and Students. Currently, He works as a General Editor for ProWritersCenter .


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